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More About Box-Mounting
Box-Mounted images come laminated and flush mounted to the
edge of a mica and fiberboard Box.  The sides of the Box are 1 1/2
inches deep and come in a choice of several colors.  The plastic
lamination gives your poster a permanent durable finish that cleans
easily and protects the poster from moisture, dust and dirt.  The
result is an attractive, lightweight and durable display with a plastic
laminate which protects it from moisture, dust and dirt.  

It can be safely hung in bathrooms, kitchens and other moist
environments.  We do not recommend displaying Box-Mounted
images outdoors. The plastic laminate provides some UV protection
for the images but prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause
discoloration so we recommend that you not hang your map in
areas where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

With proper care your image will bring years of enjoyment.  Your
map is coated direct sunlight.  To clean your Box-Mounted image
you may use common, non-abrasive cleaners such as Windex.
View showing the back of a
box-mounted print
(Lake Tahoe Shown here)